It’s Gameday

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This is going to be short and sweet. Lace up your boots and strap on your seat belts. Because it’s going to be a wild ride.

My prediction for this game: Patriots 24 Giants 20



Countdown Continues

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4 Days, 7 Hours

It’s creeping closer to Super Bowl Sunday. The Patriots got past media day and now it’s time to focus on the big game. Bill has the team practicing in pads this week, getting them ready for a dog fight.

Don’t be surprised if the Patriots take the same approach they did against the Ravens. Run the ball. Shocker I know, but it would be effective. Even if they only get three or four yards a carry, it tires out the Giants front four. It allows the play action to be more effective, it gives Brady more time in the pocket. Most importantly it will give the Patriots defense the rest it needs.

Don’t be shocked if the Patriots come out with 3 tight end sets and run the ball. They did it effectively against the vaunted Ravens defense, so I don’t see why they can’t against the Giants also.

 Ben Jarvis will be crucial in the game. He will get the tough yards and extend the Patriots drives that will result in points.

Now you see the boot, now you don’t

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Rob Gronkowski is the topic of discussion this week due to his injury. Well Gronk you just stirred the pot some more. I can’t say I was shocked that he walked out to his podium today without the boot. He might not be a hundred percent for Sunday, but he’s playing. He’s not going to miss this opportunity. He won’t be able to feel his body, never mind his ankle on Sunday night. He won’t need any shots I think the adrenaline of being in the Super Bowl will do the job.

I just want to make a point about the greatness of Bill Belichick. He gets every single player in a Patriots uniform to buy in. If you don’t, there’s the door. If you haven’t heard Gronk’s media presser today take a listen. Question after question about the ankle. Same answer every time. “Taking it day to day”, you swear it was Bill sitting at the podium.


All Business

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Business to handle.

At the Patriots rally yesterday this phrase was reiterated multiple times. Jerod Mayo, Wes Welker, and Robert Kraft all spoke about handling their “business”. They have a chip on their shoulder and they know they let a ring slip off their finger in 2007.

It’s no secret that the Belichick- Brady window is closing and every opportunity is crucial. Bill knows it, Tom knows it, all of New England knows it. I expect Bill to let loose, try anything and everything to get extra possessions for the offense. Belichick is great at taking away what a team does best. What the Giants do best is throw to Victor Cruz. Eli Manning targeted Cruz over and over again in the San Francisco game. So the Pats defense will bump him at the line and get him off his route. This will give the front four that extra second or two it may need to get pressure on Eli.

The Patriots should be able to contain Bradshaw and Jacobs in the run game. Brandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo should be very aggressive on early downs and press the gaps to hold runs to short gains. Limiting the running game should make the Giants predictable and one dimensional. The Patriots corners will then be able to just focus on the wide receivers of the Giants.

The Patriots must respect their responsibilities on defense. If  they play team defense it will give the Patriots offense a few more possessions on offense which could be the difference in the game.

The countdown has officially begun. 7 more days until Super Bowl Sunday.



Who needs the Pro Bowl?

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If the NFL was smart they would do away with the Pro Bowl. Or put it after the Super Bowl like it should have stayed in the first place. It’s an absolute waste of time. Give the players a plaque, say great season guys and move on. I know I’m not the only fan that feels this way.

Take this scenario as an example. So after the casual fan watched the two thrilling AFC Championship Games last week. They say “Oh I can’t wait to tune in next week and watch the Super Bowl”. Then the real fan in the room says no, you have to wait two weeks. In two weeks that same casual fan may not have the same attention span for football.

The NFL is striking out. Hit the iron while it is hot.

Put the Super Bowl first. Forget about the rest. End of story

Oh yeah, this whole thing about letting players tweet in a designated area during the game is ridiculous. I bet Chad Ochocinco is pretty upset he’s not in the Pro Bowl.

Super Bowl Bound!!

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Indianapolis here we come!

After yesterdays 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens the Patriots once again are heading to the Super Bowl. If your heart wasn’t at about 120 beats a minute at the end of this game you’re not a fan. I’m just happy they won in the end and advanced.

Tom Brady thank you for saying what everyone was thinking, you sucked. Brandon Spikes intercepts a pass on defense with 5:00 minutes left in the game. All of New England says “the defense finally made a play”. Then what does Brady do. Next play throws the ball deep to Matthew Slater. Matthew Slater. Really. Absolutely horrible call by Bill O’Brien and horrible decision by Brady. I understand your going for the jugular on that throw. But why don’t you just run the damn ball. Kill some clock. It’s not like the Ravens stopped us repeatedly in the run game.

Vince Wilfork was an instrumental part of the Patriots success on defense. He stuffed the run numerous times and got pressure on Flacco. Without him in the middle I think the outcome of this game may look differently.

In the end, the Patriots won and will face the Giants in the Super Bowl. Just wish the game was this weekend, so we would only have to listen to one week of analysis instead of two. It gives the Patriots time to rest and gives Bill time to scheme and get ready for the Giants.


Pats Offense vs Ravens Defense

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Patriots vs Ravens

The match up is set.

Its the highly potent Patriots offense versus the stingy Ravens defense. It should be a great game to watch. This game is going to be picked apart all week and every aspect of the game will be studied and discussed. In most discussions the Ravens beat down of the Patriots two years ago will arise. But that argument should be laid to rest. The Patriots offense is much more explosive and has more weapons than ever. While the Ravens defense is still the same old cast of characters. Terrell “Ball So Hard” Suggs, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Haloti Ngata. Even though they are older they are still stingy and formidable.

That is the match up I am going to profile today.

Patriots Offense vs. Ravens Defense

Pats Offense

Brady arsenal has expanded dramatically since the last time these two met. Welker is healthy and now the Pats have the deadly duo of Gronk and Hernandez. I just find them to be unstoppable in every way. I don’t think the Ravens can match up with them. As a matter of fact I don’t think any team can. They just compliment Brady so well and are easy targets. The Patriots will most definitely try to take advantage of the Ravens age. I expect them to go hurry up early and often. This will tire out Suggs, Ngata, and Lewis by making them set before their ready. Another aspect that the Patriots haven’t used lately is the screen game. This could be used against Suggs especially who loves to get up-field and attack the quarterback. Let him rush up field and dump it to the back for a nice gain. I’m sure Bill is looking at the tape and finding any tendencies he sees to use against them on Sunday.

Ravens Defense

Folks don’t be fooled this is not the same Ravens defense that won the Super Bowl in 2000. It still has some of the same faces but a little less  tread on the tires. The Ravens failed to get any pass rush on Texans quarterback T.J. Yates on Sunday. Yes they forced four turnovers but they gave Yates all day to throw. In fact he threw the game away with three interceptions. If they give Brady that much time in the pocket, it doesn’t matter how good their covers are he will dice them up. The two guys the Patriots need to be most aware of are Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. They are the cornerstones of the defense. Ray Lewis will make plays regardless but they need to limit his opportunities.  Ed Reed will be ball hawking like Ed Reed does. It’s important for Brady to always recognize where he is on the field. Those two can make plays that will change the outcome of the game.


Too many weapons for the Ravens to cover and don’t forget about #12.